Sydney Congress

Congress has been a wonderful experience and it will be sad to fly home tomorrow. The Darling Harbour ICC precinct is an amazing venue and the view while eating lunch has been beautiful. I have enjoyed, immensely, sharing this experience with my cousin Susan, very nice to have someone with me to share the adventure. So many fabulous speakers and information has been provided by the organisers and I can’t wait to hear where Congress 2021 will be.

Coming together with like minded people is a really wonderful thing. Being in a room with hundreds of other “crazy” genealogists who love nothing better than wandering through the local cemetery and are happy to talk about “dead people” is liberating.

Now I just have to find the time to start putting into practice all the new things I have learnt over the last three days and the things I will learn tomorrow. It will be fun to make a few changes to this blog format too, as I went to several blogger lectures and will be getting help from some ladies who are blog geniuses. Also know so much more about DNA and just how to use it to expand my family contacts and confirm ideas about the family setup.

Cheers all


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